What will I learn?

Ukulele students (ages 7 and older) will learn chords, melodies, techniques, and songs! They will learn to read music, have fun, and even make up their own songs.


What will I do?

Students will meet for a music lesson once a week for 30 minutes or 1 hour. Lesson times range from 10:00am-8:00pm and are offered on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Ms. Laura teaches students in an approachable, fun way to learn to play their instruments and explore the many wonderful aspects of being a musician! Students will practice music at home throughout the week and continue building skills, repertoire, and relationships each lesson. Recommended practice frequency is 5x/week - times vary per student.


Where will it be?

Lessons are held at Ms. Laura’s home studio in Clearwater, FL. 


What do I need to get?

Ukulele & Method Book (recommended by Ms. Laura after 1st lesson)

Just starting out? No problem! Borrow an instrument from Ms. Laura or the library!


Who is the teacher? 

Ms. Laura Stack, a veteran music teacher and performer, utilizes her Orff-Schulwerk Certification and experience at the Kodaly Institute of Hungary to bring music to life. After teaching music in Chicago Public Schools and mentoring teachers through the Academy for Urban School Leadership, Laura taught at High Point Elementary in Clearwater, FL. She has her Masters in Music Education from Anderson University and has had the privilege of presenting for the American Orff-Schulwerk National Conference, Florida Music Educator’s Conference, and many local Orff chapters around the country. She is recognized as an American Center for Elemental Music and Movement Spotlight Award winner and Pinellas County Schools Teacher of the Year nominee. After teaching music for 13 years in public schools, she now runs her own business with Gloria Rice, The Mystic Voices, Inc., performing and teaching music lessons. The Mystic Voices band can be seen performing around the area! www.themysticvoices.com


How much does it cost?

Lessons are billed monthly and paid in advance for the month ahead. Once all pre-paid lessons for the month have been used, lessons can be discontinued anytime. 

New students can try out their first lesson for free! 




Price Per Lesson

10% Discount Per Lesson

1st Student Full Price          2nd Student Half Off

1 student

2 or more students, lessons separate 

2 students, lesson together

30 min = $30

30 min = $27/each

30 min = $45 total

60 min = $55

60 min = $50/each

60 min = $80 total

*Discount applied when billed under the same account


Why should I take lessons?

It makes the process much easier and more fun! A teacher provides guidance, accountability, and encouragement.


How do I get started?

Contact Ms. Laura to book your 1st complimentary lesson or click the NEW STUDENT SIGN-UP.

Cell: 773-726-3313 or themysticvoicesstudio@gmail.com


The Mystic Voices Studio